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Boss Life Communications does not charge any business or person directly.  All billing is done by the selected service provider.  During check out you will see the payment option of pay on first bill. NO MONEY IS COLLECTED BY BOSS LIFE COMMUNICATIONS.  Certain providers do charge shipping, or install fees.  Those providers that charge fees before the first bill will have an option to type in your credit card info for them to automatically charge your card the shipping/install fees.  Boss Life Communications send this information to the providers securely then discard’s of all sensitive info after.

Is there a return policy on services I sign up for through Boss Life Communications?

In general, no.  Signing up through us is the same thing as signing up directly through the selected provider.  Normally once you have been installed you are in a active agreement.  There may be termination fees charged by the provider if you choose to terminate.  Since Boss Life Communications does NOT collect any money from your directly we WILL NOT be issuing any refunds.

What is the sign up process?

First you must create a account.  Once a account is created you can purchase your desired service plan on our online service provider marketplace.  Once order has been placed you will either be sent a follow up email asking for a signature to confirm the order or your order will be sent directly to the provider.  Once the provider has received the order they generally take 4-8 hours to approve the order.  In some cases orders require some pre work to make your unit or building serviceable which may delay the time frame substantially.   Once unit or building is verified that it is ready for service the provider will reach out to you directly for scheduling of installation.  Once a time and date is set it will be viewable on your online account.  Once installed you will pay the provider directly.  Once 2 payments are made you become eligible for monthly rewards on that service.

Will you send me status updates for my order?

Yes!!!! We will provide you with both email and text updates about your order.  The provider themselves will also contact you via, phone, email, or text as well.  Even if construction is needed, we will track your order until completion and provide you with timely updates.  .

What should I do if my order hasn't been installed yet?

Check either with the service provider or on your online account.  Boss Life Communications can only provide updates if the provider has updated us.  In some cases the provider (mainly large corporations) may loose track of your order.  If this happens either call them directly or send us an email at and we will request an update for you.

What if i cancel my services with provider before agreement is up?

You can keep points earned but no future points will be issued for the service.

Rewards Program

Below are some common questions asked about our rewards program.


How can I use my rewards?

Rewards can be applied directly to a lot of providers bills.  We also are launching a gift card program as well where you will be able to cash in your rewards for gift cards.

I have been installed 2 plus months but do not see my rewards?

This only happens when the providers have not reported payment to us.  In order to provide you with monthly rewards all bills must be paid to provider and you must remain in good standing with them.

I already have service set up, can i still get cash back?

Unfortunately at this time we do not offer cash back for current customers of that service.  In some cases if you are moving we can provide cash back, but if you are simply adding services on to an existing account no rewards will be given.  We are glad to help though. To be eligible for cash back you must sign up directly through us and the order must be approved by the provider.

How much cash back can I receive?

Customers can receive 2% starting on their first purchase. this is a monthly reward for the life on the agreement.


Customers can earn an additional 1%, so 3% total, if they have purchased 6 or more services from Boss Life Communications. This 3 % takes place at the start of the 6 service but applies to all services once enabled.


Customer also have the option of upgrading to our VIP plan for $100 per  calendar year.  This gives customers a 5% cash back rewards.  This is a great option for businesses with 3+ locations.

Affiliate Program

Below are some common questions for our affiliate or partner program.

How can I become an Affiliate or Partner?

Sign Up Here.

What commission is paid for Affiliates and Partners?

Our affiliate program is gaining a lot of users due to its easy set up and navigation.  Once signed up you automatically earn 5% for every referral you send us that purchases a service.  As you send us more referrals over time you progress up our scale and can eventually earn up to 10% monthly residual on all service you refer.  The scale is as follows:

1-9 referrals = 5% monthly payout.

10-24 referrals = 6% monthly payout.

24-49 referrals = 7% monthly payout.

50-74 referrals = 8% monthly payout.

74-99 referrals = 9% monthly payout.

100 referrals = 10% monthly payout.


Affiliates and partners are eligible to collect that monthly rate of the services selected by customers.  The customer will also receive the normal rewards points as well.  Monthly rate used to determine payout does not include taxes, fees, or equipment cost, only the actual service.  Example if a customer signs up for internet and a modem rental for $120 per month and is paying $20 a month for the modem rental you would be paid the percentage off a $100, not $120. Commission are paid out for the life of the agreement.


Not only is his the easiest way to get paid to refer big companies like COMCAST, CENTURY LINK, DIRECTV, AT&T, FRONTIER, WOW!, COX, SPECTRUM, AND MOST VOIP PROVIDERS. But you also get residuals if a customer of your goes back onto our site and purchases another service.  It’s your customer for life.  Now that is what we call the icing on the cake.

What providers are eligible for payout?

All providers listed on our site are eligible for payout.  In some cases some product offer a different rate of pay. Example are cloud or TV service which normally provide you with a one off payment or a smaller % than your normal.

How can I track who has viewed or purchased something through my link?

Click Here to see you stats.


Click here to see you Visits.

Click Here to see your referrals.

Click Here to view your payouts.

How can I create a custom link to anything on Boss Life Communicatoins?

Click Here

How long before I see my Payouts?

In general payouts are paid 1 month after the customer pays their first bill to the provider.  In general 30-60 days after initial signup.  In some cases construction may be needed which can further delay it.  NO PAYOUTS  WILL BE MADE IF CUSTOMER IS NOT IN GOOD STANDING>.